• Leave Me Alone

      LMA was launched in 2019 by Simon Health Solutions,
      providing organic cotton pads.

      We make comfortable sanitary pads for your days
      when you want to leave yourself alone.

    • Safety First

      Our products are manufactured with organic material from Texas.
      We are committed to managing all process under strict quality control.

      LMA is constantly striving to develop safe and reliable feminine care items.


    •  Vegan Friendly LMA stands for Cruelty-free taking
      care of nature.
      As vegan-friendly brand, we avoid
      using animals as either ingredients
      or for experiment.
    •  Together LMA is supporting young women
      leaders who struggle to afford
      sanitary pads.
      We make donation with hope for
      them to grow up healthy and
      to achieve their beautiful dream
      and vision.
    •  Transparent LMA states all materials used for
      our products transparently
      as our priority is for women
      to use LMA with trust.